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I was unsure about hiring this handyman service as their prices were much cheaper than others in the area. However they wound up proving me wrong. They did incredibly well. I would never use a different handyman.

  • Megan V.

The handyman had a delightful personality that just made everything a whole lot less stressful. He put my mind at rest, made me feel a whole lot better about things. Stockwell Handyman certainly have a way with customers.

  • S. Smith

Among all the companies out there, my choice was Home Repairs Stockwell . They are a small company that deals with painting and decorating, but they are also professionals and they deliver exactly what you expect from them. Their crew arrived right on time - not a minute earlier or later then agreed upon. Until the end of the same day, they had finished painting the walls, which usually requires a long preparation of the walls and at least two coats of paint. Yet they did it all in less than a day!

  • Bess M.

The carpentry service from StockwellHandyman was a great way to save me the hassle of doing the jobs myself. I was pleased with the low prices and the professionalism of the staff, and the results were just what I'd hoped for. This is great value for money and a brilliant way to get your home into shape!

  • Joan S.

Flat packs used to be my mortal enemy as I could never assemble them. I would always struggle to get things together properly and I never fully succeed. I find an ally though that has taken up this burden and it was Stockwell Local Handyman. I have hired their handymen twice now and on each occasion they did sterling work. They constructed everything for me and make it look easy. I'm leaving all my flat packs to them from now on.

  • Barbara Rash

We were looking for a company to handle our office repairs within our allocated budget. One of my co-workers suggested that I get a quote from StockwellHandyman. I am glad he suggested this company because they not only gave us a reasonable quote but also excellent service. Complete value for our money. Thank you team!

  • J. Thompson

When I needed professional electrical services for my home Handyman Services Stockwell were simply the best! I found their website online and had a read of some of their fantastic reviews which really made up my mind. I contacted the company, explained the issues I was having with my electrics and then gave me a really cheap price quote. I booked my service for the very next day and was treated to a lovely and professional handyman who knew exactly what the problem was and how to fix it. This is great company and one I would suggest contacting!

  • C. Frederick

StockwellHandyman were a great help with my recent home renovation. I had long planned to transform my home and I had realised I couldn't handle things myself. I would need some expert handymen who could take care of the tougher jobs. I hired everything I needed from this firm and this assured me of the best result. They took care of things and helped me achieve the home I have always wanted.

  • Terry McMahon

A blocked drain is every woman's worst nightmare. I had no idea what to do about it and didn't have any friends or family that I could call for help. After trying and failing to sort out the problem myself I caved in and called Stockwell Handyman Company. Thank god I did! The problem was more serious that I thought, but they solved it quickly and at no extra cost. I can't believe how brilliant the service was, and they are now firmly at the top of my emergency call list!

  • Victoria Porter

I used the services of Stockwell Handyman Services when I wanted some painting and decorating done in my flat. I had bought all of the materials and simply wanted the messy job to be dealt with! The decorator was polite and soon got to work. He made lovely work of the flat and made no mess at all. Great work!

  • Stacey E.

Given half a chance I'd want to keep their local handymen at my house all the time and lock the door! But thankfully I wouldn't need to because their same day service is a massive help. When I called them up Stockwell Local Handyman sent someone round within a couple of hours and the jobs I needed done were finished soon after. Amazing stuff!

  • Susana B.

Stockwell Handyman has the best local handymen in the district and they're also the cheapest! I couldn't believe how little it cost me to have one of their home repairs handymen come to fix a leak for me and it was in the middle of the night! You know who to call in the case of an emergency!

  • D. Williams